Raising test scores and GPAs - one text at a time.

eTextPrep is a fast, easy and effective way to use any cell phone to help students learn how to improve vocabulary skills, score higher on the SAT, ACT and Advanced Placement exams and raise their overall GPA. Learn more or Signup now.

The power of learning through texting.

The eTextPrep premise is simple - students receive 2 to 3 SAT, ACT, AP, Middle School Challenge or  word-of-the-day text messages (SMS) that contain essential vocabulary words, their definitions and parts of speech. Students simply click, look and learn. It's mobile. It works. It's that easy.

For added reinforcement, eTextPrep emails each student - and parents if requested - the eTextPrep Weekly Word Review. This comprehensive SAT, ACT or AP exam study guide summarizes the previous weeks' words, their definitions and parts of speech and includes an excellent example sentence or a more in-depth definition for enhanced understanding. The Weekly Word Review was designed to be downloaded, saved and printed for on-going review.

In addition to the Middle School Challenge, AP or ACT/SAT word-of-the-day text message, a complementary eTextPrep Test Tip will be texted to each student every Friday during the subscription. eTextPrep Test Tips are designed specifically to provide SAT, AP and ACT test help to improve a student's focus and performance on test day.

Best of all, for only $7.99/month eTextPrep transforms the teen cell phone into a valuable educational tool with a word-of-the-day SMS. It's texting at the next level!

Get an ACT, AP or SAT Word-of-the-Day Text Message: Get a Better Test Score

There are several word-of-the-day text message (SMS) learning programs available:

Look for more eTextPrep programs coming soon!

Developed by professional educators.

The educational content for eTextPrep has been designed by highly experienced and nationally recognized educators. Veteran teachers who instruct, test, tutor and grade the courses have authored material that is challenging, highly specific and adheres to rigorous course standards and requirements. eTextPrep AP Learning Programs include words and concepts students will see again on AP test day!

eTextPrep utilizes the mobile medium students know and love - their cell phone - and puts the power of learning in the palm of their hand.

Text messages have been shown to be an effective learning tool for students; however, using eTextPrep's word-of-the-day text messages (SMS) is not a guarantee of a higher test score performance.
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